A few clips from the Channel 4 series, Black Books.  It's about a bloke called Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) who runs a bookshop.  He's extremely disorganised and in need of some help.  Manny (Bill Bailey) hates his office job and ends up working for Bernard as an assistant.  The series was written by Graham Linehan (Father Ted, The Day Today, Big Train (series 1)) and Dylan Moran.

You can buy the Series 1 DVD here.  Or pick it up in the sale at your local shops.

Little book of calm Manny takes an unusual route to a state of inner calm.  (3,430k)
Manny calmly discharges himself from hospital, bringing peace to the world as he goes.   (1,855k) Calming influence


Bernard saves Manny.  Sort of. Bernard spots a way to injure himself, thus avoiding having to do his tax returns.  (2,799k)


Clips are from the 2000 Channel 4 series, "Black Books" and are RealPlayer format.  

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