The following tracks are taken from BEWILDERNESS by BILL BAILEY - a CD recorded in 12 hours
at Sanctuary Studios in October 2000 and flogged mercilessly at gigs on Bill's UK tour.
Files are MP3s - Winamp is a great free MP3 player.

Richard Clayderman plays Three Blind Mice

MP3 (748k)

Jean-Michel Jarre; Fraud?

MP3 (381k)

Phillip Glass plays Pop Goes the Weasel

MP3 (248k)

The Leg of Time (prog rock razz)

MP3 (2135k) - Lyrics

Classical Cockney

MP3 (1705k)

Cockney Medley

MP3 (1259k)

Beautiful Ladies (in honour of Chris de Burgh)

MP3 (1553k) - Lyrics

Unisex Chip Shop (tribute to Billy Bragg)

MP3 (741k) - Lyrics

Tom Waits performs Three Blind Mice

MP3 (446k)


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