10 items or less Bill's account of his supermarket hell, involving biscuits, pixies and baggage handlers.  (734k)
Life would be so much more pleasant if the  enthusiasm of youth could be captured and rammed down the throats of lost luggage "assistants" at airports.   (2020k) Lost luggage


Who stole the leg of time? A tribute to Progressive Rock of the 1970s.  Who stole the leg of time?  Find out by watching this clip.  (1827k) - Lyrics
Bill discusses the possible benefits of hallucinogenic drugs in a mature and responsible manner.  (1551k) Bill Bailey's theory of evolution
The journey of the Arthurian job-seeker The tale of a lost Arthurian soul, whose many travails have failed to halt his progress towards his destination.  (1067k)
A fascinating insight into the world of battle re-enactment.  (7372k) Haven't got round to scanning an image yet
Haven't got round to scanning an image yet Bill asks why all eye-witnesses seem to be arses.  (3356k)
Undercover footage of international dodgy persons at work, including their penchant for snowballs (it is an egg drink made with the lemonade).  (6714k) Haven't got round to scanning an image yet


Clips are from Bill Bailey's 1998 BBC 2 series, "Is it Bill Bailey?" and are RealPlayer format.  

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