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Rising to the challenge set by XFM to remix Electric Six

JIROB - Therapy in the Gay Bar
JIROB - Gay Times


Proof that Coldplay are little more than a Radiohead tribute
Coldplay v Radiohead (JIROB remix)

Coldplay v Radiohead - more vocal version (JIROB remix)

Modjo v Mark Morrison - Return of the Modjo (JIROB remix)

The Streets v TLC (JIROB remix)
The Streets v TLC (JIROB remix - radio edit)


The 20 minute mix, as heard at Bristol's Cube Cinema on 24/10/02 -
JIROB - Cube Mix

Excerpts from the Cube Mix
KLF v Belinda Carlisle v Colonel Abrams - Heaven is trapped in Mumuland
Missy Elliot v Will Smith (JIROB remix)
David Byrne v Human League - Lazy (JIROB remix)


Various old mixes;

Shakira v Snap - Shakira is a dancer (JIROB remix)

Krush v Outkast - Arresting Miss Jackson (JIROB remix)

Kylie v Shaggy - It wasn't Kylie (JIROB remix)


Eminem Mixes;

Eminem v Vanilla Ice - Stan Stan Baby (JIROB remix) - as heard on BBC Radio 1, not that they credit me...

Eminem v Daft Punk (JIROB remix)

Eminem v Vanilla Ice - My name is Vanilla Ice (JIROB remix) - crap, quick mix


Britney Mixes;

Britney v Jamiroquai - Deeper one more time (JIROB remix)

Michael Jackson v Britney Spears - Smooth Britney (JIROB remix)

Britney v Prodigy (JIROB remix)



Talking Heads v Basement Jaxx - Where's your talking head at? (JIROB remix)

Dandy Pixie - Gouge

A little mess to demonstrate that Oasis are now an Oasis covers band