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A new mix!  Hooray!

Sparky's lucky day

A dark reinterpretation of Sparky's Magic Piano, utilising bits

of the Eels, Cher and Britney Spears.  It can get ugly, so this is 
the "radio edit". The old, full version can be found here.

JIROB v Paul McCartney - Pipes of Pieces
A gentle remix of the Christmas "classic".

JIROB - Cocoa Shunters - a suitably offensive Brass Eye mix 
Prince Charles' statement about the Queen Mother
Jonathan King statement (JIROB mix)
Brian Eno and Idiot - JJ42 (JIROB mix)
JIROB - a rubbish Simon Bates cutup

Muse - Unintended (JIROB remix)
Howard Jones - New Song (JIROB remix)